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TIP-ON for Doors

Blum TIP-ON for doors – With the current fashion for sleek designs, push to open doors are integral to many kitchen and furniture applications. Blum makes the door gap adjustment simple with their integrated twist function. Handle-less fronts open at a single touch with the TIP-ON mechanical opening system by Blum and to close, simply press shut. TIP-ON is combined with the tried and tested unsprung CLIP top blum hinges to deliver top quality motion to doors.

A Tool free depth adjustment feature (+4/-1mm) is incorporated into the TIP-ON unit, so even TIP-ON for drilling has integrated gap adjustment. To adjust depth, simply turn the ejector pin left or right.

TIP-ON can be matched perfectly to furniture interiors.  We stock the fittings in three colours, silk white, platinum grey and terra black, giving you great freedom of design.