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28th May 2020

The new dimension in assembly

EASYSTICK is the new automatic stop system that makes it easy to set up drilling and insertion machines. It optimises the entire assembly process, giving you fast and simple machine set-up and perfect results. Drilling positions are calculated digitally, stops move automatically to the right position and you are shown the correct fixing positions step by step. Position panel, drill holes, done!

Easy front assembly

Easy front assembly

Select box system, select drawer side height, select motion technology and enter front overlay. That’s it. The system calculates the front drilling positions for you. Drilling head tooling is automatically indicated by EASYSTICK on the display.

Easy cabinet assembly

Enter cabinet dimensions and front heights, select applications and fittings solutions. That’s it. The system calculates all the drilling positions needed for cabinet assembly. What’s more, EASYSTICK gives you the right set-up plan. The tool helps you produce error-free work and reduce set-up times.

Easy data transfer

EASYSTICK delivers digitalisation to planning and assembly. You can either plan the cabinet directly on the machine or use a USB memory stick to transfer your data from the Cabinet Configurator. The barcode scanner allows you to retrieve and edit imported manufacturing and drilling data.

Easy updates

EASYSTICK has an update feature which makes it quick and easy to update product data and fittings solutions. Use a USB memory stick to transfer up-to-date fittings data to EASYSTICK.

Take your equipment to a new Level!

MINIPRESS helps you install Blum fittings quickly and efficiently. Yet EASYSTICK adds a completely new dimension to installation and assembly: drilling positions are calculated digitally, and stops move automatically to the right position. Drilling is precise and there is no need for subsequent adjustments.


MINIPRESS P is a reliable drilling and insertion tool that produces precise assembly results for cabinets, doors and fronts. Fittings are installed quickly and simply. Combine it with EASYSTICK and get even greater flexibility and shorter set-up times!


MINIPRESS PRO brings convenient versatility to cabinet, door and front assembly. MINIPRESS PRO can be set up without tools, making assembly extremely efficient. Equip the machine with EASYSTICK and it becomes the perfect assembly device.

Make your life easier - simply retrofit your MINIPRESS!

Upgrading MINIPRESS with the new EASYSTICK stop system is quick and easy. Components can be replaced and/or mounted to the machine in next to no time. Fine tuning is carried out at the press of a button.

Replace ruler

Simply unscrew the existing MINIPRESS PRO or MINIPRESS P ruler and replace it with the new EASYSTICK ruler.

Mount control system

Use the special screw-on bracket to mount the computer to the machine. All you have to do then is connect it to the mains.

Ruler fine tuning

Connect the ruler to the computer with the cable provided. As soon as you select the command ‘Reference’, the ruler adjusts itself automatically.